car video navigation system user manuals

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car video navigation system user manuals
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car video navigation system user manuals

ManualPlease carefully read all of the information in this manual. Disc Player with Touch Screen Controls. WARNING! To prevent fire or electrical shock hazard, do not expose this product to moisture or removeNo user-serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified personnel. Index. Warnings and Cautions. Button Locations and Functions 4. Remote Control Button Locations and Functions 4-5. Basic Operation 5-6. System Setup. Language 6. Setting the Clock 6-7. Radio Setup 7. GPS Setup 7. Brightness Adjustment 7. System Setup 7-8. Calibration Setup 8. Audio Setup 8. Wallpaper Setup (Background) 8. Reset 9. Sound Controls Weather Band Operations 14. Disc Operation. Disc Warnings 14. Music Disc Operation 15-16. MP3 Operation (DISC, USB and SD CARD) 17-19. Movie Disc Operation 20-23. Movie Disc Setup Menu 24. GPS Navigation. GPS Navigation Operation (M4-LCD Only) 25-34. Operation. Bluetooth Operation Bluetooth Operation 35-37. Satellite Radio. Satellite Radio Setup 38. Satellite Radio OperationIPOD Operation 44-46. Camera Operation Camera Operation 47. Auxiliary Inputs. Installation Replaceable Fuse Watching the display or operating the system will distractIn some states and countries,Do not mount the unit in a place where the cooling fan on the unit is blocked. Blocking these openings willThis product is designedIf the product is used with the improper system it may cause a fireMagnadyne CorporationCautionIf the product needs to be repaired,Avoid places with too muchDo not backup your vehicle while looking at the monitor. Always look in the direction of your vehicle’s motion. Use the monitor only as an aid in safety confirmation.

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The actual distance may be different than it appears in theAlways be aware that blind spots may exist and not appearThe product is intended to assist in safe driving andYou, as the driver, are solely responsibleDo not use any featuresMagnadyne willLiquid Crystal PanelAlso, movement of theNote that this isDo not use the unit while these symptoms are evident. Instead, leave the unit standing for about an hour, andNote: Applying sprayWiping the screen with anOff. Press and release to switch to Navigation mode,Note: Navigation only available on M4-LCD.Notes: This unit may not play all SD cards. TheNote: This unit may not function with all MP3Remote Control Button Locations and FunctionsPress and hold to turn the sub woofer On and Off.Press and release for scanning memorizes stations.Radio: Press and the tuner will scan to thePress and holdMusic Disc: Press to change to a lower orMovie Disc: Press to change to a lower orRadio: Selects AM1, AM2, FM1, FM2 and FM3Loudness: Press and hold button until “LOUD. ON” appears in the display to boost high andTo deactivate, press and hold again until “LOUD OFF”Operations section for more information).Basics Operation. Turning On:Turning Off:Navigation mode, press and release again toHomepage Menu: Is the initial or main screen whereAccessing the Homepage Menu:Homepage. The Homepage menu consists ofHomepage screen.Pressing theNote: Since the M3-LCD does not have theSystem Setup. System Setup provides special settings to fine-tuneThe System SetupUse the adjustment buttons on the screen to make changes.The default setting is English and can notHomepage.Setting the Clock (Time) (Continued):Month, Day, Hour and Min (Minutes).Radio Setup. Press eitherAmerica 2, Japan, Russia or Europe radio area. Refer to the map on the screen for location ofHomepage.The M4-LCD comes preloaded with the GPS software and is ready to use, no updating is necessary.

Loading the GPS software:Note: The iGO folder in the SD card is the GPSPress eitherSystem Setup (Continued):B. The Effect buttons changes the way theAudio Setup. See “Sound Controls” section of this manual forWallpaper Setup (Background Image):BMP format file as Wallpaper if desired.Reset:Volume:Decrease the volume by pressing the - side ofIncrease. Decrease. Equalizer Interface. Enter the Equalizer Interface from the majority of source menus. Equalizer Presets. Press theEQ OFF, Pop, Rock, Metal, Dance, Electronic. Country, Jazz, Classical, Bluesy, Old, Operatic. Speech and UserDefine. PressNote 1: Each one of these pre-defined equalizerNote 2: To reset the pre-defined equalizer settings to factory specifications press and hold theLoudness. To boost high and low tones at low volumePress theTurning Off the Equalizer. To deactivate the graphic equalizer press theEqualizer Interface (continued). Balance and Fader. Press theUse the,To activate the center speaker press thePressMute. The majority of source menu options have a. MUTE button. Pressing the MUTE button willPress again to restore theDimming the Screen. Pressing thePressing theWallpaper Setup (Background Image):Selecting the Radio Source. Touch the HOME button to activate the HomepageSelecting the AM, FM or WB Band:Tuning in a Radio Station Using Seek:Manually Tuning in a Radio Station:Then press the or button until the desiredHold. Memorizing Radio Stations:FM1, FM2, FM3, AM1 or AM2 radio band.Automatically Store Radio Stations:FM1, FM2, FM3, AM1 or AM2 radio band.The tuner will searchNote: After the new stations are stored intoScanning Stored Radio Stations:FM1, FM2, FM3, AM1 or AM2 radio band.To narrow the reception to only local strong station the radio must be switched from distant toFor weaker FM stereo stations selecting monoScanning for FM Radio Stations that. Broadcast Traffic Announcements:FM1, FM2 or FM3 radio band.

Note: The Traffic Announcement featureAlternative Frequencies (AF): Not available inScanning for FM Radio Stations AccordingFM1, FM2 or FM3 radio band.Information, Sports, etc.). The selected program type will be highlighted.Weather Band. The weather band is accessible from the RadioPress the power button ( ) to turn the unit on.Touch the HOME button to activate the HomepageHomepage screen. Touch the WB button and theNotes:Touch any of the Radio Station Recall buttonsLabel side upHandling:MP3 car seats or dashboard.Disc Cleaning. Use a dry, soft cloth to wipe the disc’s surface. If theNever use solventsNote: A disc may become somewhat scratchedPreparing New Discs with Rough Spots. A new disc may have rough edges on its insideTherefore, removeTo do this, press the sideDo not touchLabel side upDo not bend. Do not touchWipe the disc from. Do not bendthe center towardWipe the disc fromRough spots onRough spots onRough spots onBall point penRough spots onBall point penGeneral Operations. Gently insert the disc into the slot with the labelLabel Side UpFORCE it into the slot, as you may already haveSelecting the Disc Source. Touch the HOME button to activate the HomepageMusic Disc Track Selection:Press the l?? button to select a lower track. Press the ??l button to select a higher track. Tracks can also be selected by using the remoteFor example: If you want to play track 8, pressPausing a Music Disc:Press the ?ll button to pause the disc. Press itStopping a Music Disc:Press the ? button to stop the disc. To resumePress the ? button 2 times, then press the ?llThe unit’s default setting is to repeat the entireTo repeat a music disc track:Random Music Disc Track Play Order:PLAY” appears in the display. Press theEjecting a Music Disc:General Operations. Disc: Gently insert the disc into the slot with the. Label Side UpNote: If a disc does not auto-load, DO NOT.

FORCE it into the slot, as you may alreadySD Card: Gently insert the SD card into theNote: If a card does insert, DO NOT FORCE itNote: If a drive does insert, DO NOT FORCESelecting the SD, USB or Disc Source. Touch the HOME button to activate the. Homepage screen. Touch the SD, USB or DiscRevealing the Home Button:Folders. MP3 Interface Screen. The MP3 media (CD, SD card or USB flash drive)Note: If an icon can not be select the unit hasFile Selection:Note: If your file does not appear on the screenMethod 2: Using the Control PanelTouch thePress the ??l button to select a higher file. Pause:Press the ? ll button to pause the disc. “PAUSETouch the ? ll button again to resume play.Photos. VideoStop:Press the ? button to stop play. To resumePress the ? button 2 times, then press the ?llDisplay:Press the OSD button for the following. Display Off. Repeating a File. The unit’s default setting is not to repeat. To repeat a file:Random File Play Order:The files will play in random order. To cancelEjecting a Disc. Press theRemove a USB device or SD card at any time byLabel Side Up. General Operations. Gently insert the disc into the slot with the labelFORCE it into the slot, as you may already haveSelecting the Disc Source. Touch the HOME button to activate the HomepageMoving Vehicle Warning:Menu Screen:Note: Pressing the DVD MENU button on thePress the ?ll button to pause the movie disc.To resume playing the disc, press the ?ll button.Stopping a Movie Disc:Press the ? button to stop play. To resume play,Press the ? button 2 times, then press the ?llPress the l?? button to select a previous chapter. Press the ??l button to select a next chapter. Touch the screen to activate the control buttonPress and hold the l?? or ??l button again willHold. Audio Language:Title Screen:Subtitle Language Menu:The selection of subtitleAngle View Selection:This is not a malfunction. Zoom Selection:Each time theOn Screen Display Selection:Title Elapse, Title Remain, Chapter Elapse.

Chapter Remain and Display Off.Direct Chapter Selection:Select the numbers keys to directly selectScreen Adjustment Controls:Note: Press the RESET button to return theContrast. Saturation. Sharpness. Hue. Slow Motion:Press theNote: To access the Movie Disc Setup Menu, a movie disc has to be inserted. Movie Disc Setup Menu:System Setup Page:Language Setup Page. French, Portuguese or Italian. Audio Setup Page:Speaker Setup Page. Digital Setup Page. MonoPress the power button ( ) to turn the unit on. Selecting the GPS Navigation System. Direct Selection. Press and release the button from anyNote: Pressing the button again will returnHomepage Selection. Homepage screen. Touch the GPS button toNavigation Menu. The typical way of using the navigation system isThis way you doNavigation Settings. You can configure the program settings, andTouch the Settings icon in the Navigation MenuSettings Menu (1 of 2):Safety Mode.Press theGPS Enabled:Press the. Menu.Map FeaturesPress to open thePress to open the quick menu.Touch the Screen to Reveal More FeaturesNote:Touch this button to movePress and holdNote: In 3D mode these buttons are predefinedPress and hold to set theSelecting the Destination of a Route. Selecting the Cursor as the Destination:Touch the SetThe route is thenEntering an Address or Part of an Address. If you know at least a part of the address, it isEntering an Address or part of an AddressTouch the SetThe route is thenIf you know at least a part of the address, it isEntering a Zip Code (Continued):AutomaticallyTouch to confirm the city. Next select the 'Street Name”Done button.Touch the SetThe route is thenA destination can also be selected by using theMaking a Detour:Saved Search Criteria Detour:Saved Search Criteria Detour (Continued):Remove Via button and your detour will disappear. Direct Selection Detour:Note: To delete this detour touch the Detour button and select the Delete Avoids button and yourRoute Menu.

Touch the Route icon to save, load and edit yourTouch one of theYou can moveManage Menu:Modify POI visibility settings.Saved Search Criteria.Selecting the Bluetooth Source. Touch the HOME button to activate the HomepageBluetooth interface. Pairing Bluetooth Devices:Note 2: If the Bluetooth mobile phone is alreadyMaking Calls:Answering Calls:Ending a Call. Touch theConnecting an Already Used Phone:If you want to connectLast Phone Number Redial:Missed.Note: If you want to delete a phoneCalls Received. Calls Missed. Delete a Phone. NumberPhone Book:Bluetooth Music:Note: The vehicle must be equipped with an optional satellite tuner (SXV100) in order to receive a satellite signal. If the tuner is not activated, call 1-866-635-2349 to activate. The Tuner ID Number (SID) is required duringFollow the steps below to access the Tuner ID Number (SID). Accessing the Tuner ID Number (SID):Homepage screen. Touch the Satellite buttonPlease note that satellite radio signal may be blocked by trees, buildings or other obstacles. Information display during reception. CHECK ANTENNA: When an antenna issue exists. ACQUIRING SIGNAL: When a channel is being tuned-in (no signal is yet received). CHANNEL NOT AVAILABLE: A channel without a broadcast has been selected or the receiver may not be activated. CALL 1-866-635-2349 TO SUBSCRIBE: A channel not covered by your contract or the tuner is not activated. Call Sirius Service Center 1-866-635-2349 or visit them online at Channel Selection Modes. Channels are selected by the following methods:Manual Tuning:ENTER button. For example: For Sirius. Channel 121, press 1, 2, 1 and then pressChannel Selection Modes (continued):CategoryThe Category can also be selected by touchingENTER button to return to the main satelliteCategoryProgramming Preset Satellite Channel:PRESET button to access the preset channelPreset NumberThe channel will now be displayed on theSIR 3).

Press the SIR BAND button to accessRecalling Preset Channel:Channel menu.Recalling Preset Channel (continued):Note: Additional channels can also be recalledSIR 3). Press the SIR BAND button to accessSkipping a Channel:Skipping a Channel (continued):Reinstating a Skipped a Channel. Select the channel to be reinstated by highlighting the channel. Press theGeneral Operations:Selecting the IPOD Source. Press the HOME button to select the sourceIPOD source. IPOD Interface:Navigation) touch the screen. Note: The IPOD interface does not allow forTrack Controls. Touch the screen to activate the track controls.Press the l?? button to select a previousPress the ??l button to select a next track. Press the ?? button to fast rewind track. To resume normal playback speed pressPress the ??l button to fast forward track. To resume normal playback speed pressPress to access Navigation Controls.Navigation Controls. Touch the screen to activate the track controls. Press thePress the button to scroll up through theClick Wheel. Press the button to scroll down throughIPOD’s Click Wheel. Navigation Controls. The OK button has the same operation as. This button has the same operation as the. MENU button on an IPOD. Press to access Track Controls. Browse for a Song:Browse for a Song (continued):Automatic Camera Selection. Rear View Camera. The rear view camera will automatically activate when the ignition key is turned “On” and the vehicleSide View Cameras (Left and Right)(if equipped). The side view cameras will automatically activate when the ignition key is turned “On” and the vehicle’sThe video image from the camera will appear on the screen. Note: Side view cameras do not have audio. Front View Camera. The front view camera can not be automatically activated. The front view camera can only be manuallyNote: Front view camera does not have audio. Note: Automatically activated camera views have priority over manually selected camera views.

For instance: When a vehicle is put into reverse gear the rear camera view will automatically be displayedManually Selecting the Camera View:Homepage screen. Press theThen press the. Camera button to select the camera sourceRear) by pressing the button associated withAuxiliary Input 2 (AV-IN2): Connect an auxiliaryHomepage screen. Then press the AV-IN1 orNote: The unit will not control the auxiliaryMoving Vehicle Warning. If the vehicle is moving, this screen will be displayed. The sound of the source can be heard. Once the vehicle is stopped and the parkingMenu Screen. Press the AUX-IN1 or AUX-IN2 button to selectThe display will indicateAV1: Front Input. AV2: Rear Input.Step 1: The radio chassis is designed to be “Sleeve Mounted” through an opening in the dashboard panel. Cut or engage an opening in theStep 2: Insert the mounting sleeve into the opening in the dashboard. Bend the metal tabs on the sleeveStep 3: Bring all wiring for the connection of the unit (including the antenna) through the center of theSheet Metal. Screw. Nut. Washer. Metal Strap. Dashboard. Mounting Sleeve. Removing the Unit. To remove the radio after installation, insert the removal keys straight back until they click. Push theNote: If the removal keys are inserted at an angle they will not release the radio. Insert Removal. Keys HereLeft. Front. Speaker. White Wire. Gray Wire. Brown Wire. Right. Center. Channel. Subwoofer (Optional). Left. Rear. SpeakerViolet Wire. SpeakerThis unit for use only with a 12 Volt DC power source with a negative ground.Black Wire: Ground. Orange Wire: Parking Brake Switch (-). Infrared Remote SensorIPOD Cable. RV5-HAR6 (Optional)Blue Wire. Power Antenna (12V Out). Audio Input Left (White). Audio Input Right (Red). Video Input (Yellow). External TV ReceiverSiriusXm. AntennaSiriusXm. Vehicle TunerExternal Automotive. Type Antenna (Optional)GPS AntennaVideo Output (Red). Video Output (Green). Video Output (Blue). Sync (Brown). RGB Monitor (Optional).

Audio Output Left (White). Audio Output Right (Red). Video Output (Yellow). TV Monitor (Optional). Note: Audio Output is notVideo Output (Yellow). Video Second Monitor (Optional)Camera. Harness. C125: (Front)C125: (Rearview)C-SDR: (Right Side). C-SDL: (Left Side)The LCD display may fail to function normallyReplaceable Fuse. If the fuse should blow, check that the wiring isReplaceable Fuse. Rear SD Card HolderSD CardThis warranty and. Magnadyne Corporation or its authorized agent’s obligations hereunder do not apply whereMagnadyne Corporation or any of its authorized agents willSuch cost are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. This warranty does not cover the cabinet appearance items or accessories used in connection with this product, or any damage to recording or recording tape, or any damageThis warranty givesSuch modifications could void the User’sDefective merchandise should be returned to the original point of purchase orReturn Authorization must be obtained before sending, or merchandise may be refused. Magnadyne Corporation. Rev. A 5-2-11This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:FCC Caution: Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliancePDF Version: 1.7. Linearized: Yes. Create Date: 2011:05:02 15:51:05-07:00. Creator: Adobe InDesign CS5 (7.0.3). Tagged PDF: No. Creator Tool: Adobe InDesign CS5 (7.0.3). Page Image Page Number: 1, 2. Page Image Format: JPEG, JPEG. Page Image Width: 256, 256. Page Image Height: 256, 256. Page Image: (Binary data 9347 bytes, use -b option to extract), (Binary data 9934 bytes, use -b option to extract). Instance ID: uuid:006e1106-7398-40b4-b5ee-991994fdc238. Document ID: xmp.did:51388DCC1420681180839E75796FB762. Original Document ID: xmp.did:85C6260118216811871FDF4628DAAC81. Rendition Class: proof:pdf. Derived From Instance ID: xmp.iid:0CEC5CCB1420681180839E75796FB762. Derived From Document ID: xmp.

did:85C6260118216811871FDF4628DAAC81. Derived From Original Document ID: xmp.did:85C6260118216811871FDF4628DAAC81. Derived From Rendition Class: default. Doc Change Count: 40428. Producer: Adobe PDF Library 9.9. Trapped: False. Page Count: 57. Before using this product, please read this manual fully to ensure correct operation. Keep the manual at hand for future reference.Always operate the vehicle in a safe manner and in full compliance with speed limits, road safety signs and allAlways remain aware of driving conditions at all times when using this system while operating a motor vehicle. Operation of this unit, including its camera, navigation, audio and other features, can be distracting to yourWhile the system is intended to provide both entertainment and helpfulIt is up to you to minimize or prevent suchLearn how to use this system before placing the vehicle in operation. Minimize the amount of time spentDo not attempt toInstead, pull off the road in a safeIn the event of serious malfunction, disable the unit (turn power off or remove power from the system) andYour optional navigation feature is intended to assist you with guidance to your destination. The navigationFor safety, pull off the road before making any adjustments to theIf your Infotainment Center includes optional navigation features please refer to your navigation user manualRead the operating instructions for the Infotainment Center and all other components of the system carefullyObserve the following warnings when using this unit. The driver should neither watch the display nor operate the system while driving. Watching the display or operating the system will distract the driver from looking ahead of the vehicleAlways stop the vehicle in a safe location and use the parking brake beforeWhile navigating please use voice prompts. Use the proper power supply. This product is designed for operation with a negative grounded 12 V DC battery system.

Never operate this product with other battery systems, especially not with a 24 V DC battery system. Protect the DVD loader mechanism. Do not insert any foreign objects into the slot of this unit. Only insert appropriate CD or DVDDo not disassemble or modify the unit. Do not disassemble or modify the unit, or attempt to repair the product yourself. This may causeIf the product needs repair, consultDo not use the unit when it is out of order. If the unit is out of order (no power, no sound) or in an abnormal state (has foreign objects in it, isRefer installation to qualified personnel. USA-Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to. Part 15 of FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmfulThis equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequencyHowever, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particularAny changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void theYour Infotainment Center is designed to only display video when the parking brake is fully engaged. Never attempt to circumvent, defeat or bypass any of these safety features. These designs areFailure to use the safety features as designed could lead to serious injury, death and propertyNotes on Use: Liquid Crystal Panel. Do not cause impact to the liquid crystal panel. Only use your finger to gently touch the LCD panel. Do not touch the liquid crystal fluid if the LCD is damaged or broken. The liquid crystal fluid may beIf the liquid crystal fluid from LCD contacts your body or clothing,When the temperature is very cold or very hot, the image may appear unclear or may move slowly. In order to protect the liquid crystal panel, keep it out of direct sunlight while the unit is not in use.

Sudden changes in the temperature inside the vehicle such as those which occur immediately afterDo not use the unit while theseTo clean the monitor, wipe only with a dry silicone cloth or soft cloth. Do not use a stiff cloth orYour Infotainment Center has been designed specifically for use in Recreational Vehicles. This system has been designed to offer a rich and intuitive feature set that is simple to useWe have engineered this system based off input from real RV’ersWe want your feedback. Do you have comments on your Infotainment Center? QuestionsSend us a note or talk to one of our. Infotainment Specialists and give us your comments. You can find our contact information atProduct Registration. Please take a moment to fill out your Infotainment Center Registration Card and mail it toBy registering your product you will be kept up to date on any enhancements to the. Infotainment Center. It will also help us expedite any service or support needs you mayRiver Park Inc.Elkhart, IN 46516For Technical and Warranty questions please contact our Technical Department at theFeatures. 7. Main Unit Display. 8. Setup. 10Motorized 6.95” Touch Screen LCD Display. Picture in Picture (PIP) Display. GPS Navigation (Optional). SIRIUS Satellite Radio Ready. Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling and Streaming Audio Player (A2DP)2. Rearview Camera Connectivity3. Auxiliary Monitor Support4. USB Input. ESP-Electronic Shock Protection for DVD, MP3, CD. High Power MOSFET Speaker Output 4 X 50W. Steering Wheel Control Compatible. Premium Remote Control (Optional Accessory). Compatible mobile phone required. Auxiliary monitor sold separatelyThe buttons located on the Infotainment Center front display are assigned the same reference here below.Mode (Main Menu)Volume UpNavigation. Eject.

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